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Hungarian Trade Licensing Office

Information about the functions and sphere of action of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office

The activity of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office

The main activity of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office (Office) is to implement authoritative-administrative tasks in field of (a) state administration of foreign trade,
(b) surveillance of production and service in armament industry, certain tasks in (c) trade,
(d) market-surveillance, (e) surveillance of public warehouses, (f) assaying and hallmarking of precious metals and (g) metrology and (h) technical safety.
The activity of the Office
(1) As national authority of the EU, the Office implements national authoritative tasks related to the Common Commercial Policy of the EU.

(2) Based on national and EU laws, the Office licenses and controls the foreign trade of military and dual-use products and licenses the production of military products and related services in accordance with the Hungarian and EU foreign and security policy. As nominated national authority, the Office supervises and controls the trade of drug precursors as well as licenses certain goods subject to public order and national security and certain species of protected animals and plants.

(3) The Office does metrological tasks, maintains the National Standards, and makes their international comparisons and assures the national dissemination with calibrating the measuring instruments. It provides the type-examination and authentication of those measurement instruments which have to be authenticated and issues the EU compliance certification.

(4) In its scope of duties and competence of technical safety surveillance, the Office practices its right to license and to control in order to comply with the technical-safety requirements. The Office has the regional offices of metrology and technical safety under its professional direction in areas of metrology, technical safety, and construction of certain nonbuilding structures.

(5) Based on national laws, the Office implements licensing, registration, control and surveillance tasks regarding compliance with national regulations in the field of trade, tourism, public warehousing regarding the entry into the market.

(6) Based on national and EU laws, the Office assays and hallmarks precious metal objects and products and certifies their metallic base, controls the respect of law regarding their hallmark and trade and supervises their traders in order to prevent money laundry and financing terrorism.

(7) As part of its market-surveillance scope, it controls whether certain products, devices, equipments, systems for economic use and those measurement instruments which have to be authenticated, satisfy basic safety requirements determined in separated governing laws. In case of need, the Office takes sanctions.
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